Monday, December 8, 2008

Purple haze!

Simply Connect 'em!!!


1. Flare Gun
2. Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention
3. Claude Nobs (founder and manager of Montreux Jazz Festival)
4. Montreux Casino (burning)
5. Lake Geneva

Connect- Smoke on the water by deep purple

Deep Purple had set up a camp in Montreux,Switzerland to record their album 'Machinehead' at the rolling stones mobile studios which was a part of the Montreux casino. The fire broke out during the frank zappa and the mothers of inventions' concert which was being held at the casino's theatre. Claude Nobs helped quite a few of the audience to safety.

The lyrics are as follows:

We all came out to Montreux,
On the Lake Geneva shoreline.
To make records with a mobile,
We didn't have much time.
But Frank Zappa and the Mothers,
Were at the best place around,
But some stupid with a flare gun,
Burned the place to the ground.
Smoke on the water and fire in the sky.
Smoke on the water...

They burned down the gambling house,
It died with an awful sound.
Funky Claude was running in and out,
Pulling kids out the ground......

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